Truth Awakens History

Joshua Peete, founder of, wanted to provide a free resource for those researching multiple aspects of philosophy. In 2002, he decided to pick through his collection of philosophy writings and chose a variety for viewers to use for research. Since then, the popularity of the website has expanded. It is now featured in multiple college curriculums, linked to most major philosophy websites, and is listed in many search engine directories.

Who is Joshua Peete?

Joshua Peete was formally trained in philosophy at California State University, Sacramento. He currently serves as a superintendent / principal and teacher in rural Siskiyou County, California. While school is off track, Peete enjoys kayaking, music (guitar, piano, more…), writing, creating inventions, business, outdoor activities, and more. All of the content on has been written by Josh Peete.

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Free Writings and Academic Honesty

It has never been nor will it ever be Peete’s intention for viewers to pay for any of his philosophy writings. However, Peete does take plagiarism very seriously and has protected himself from of academic honesty. ALL of the content on the website is copyrighted and cannot be reprinted without permission. If users decide to use the content for essays, journals, etc… then cite and Joshua Peete as a source. Since the vast majority of the students using this free resource do cited as a source in academic essays, Peete continues to provide the service.

Friends of

From time to time Peete does accept offers to sponsor the website. If approved by the owner, text links will be allowed on the website for a nominal fee. The fees collected keeps the website running. Fees pay for yearly registration fees, monthly hosting fees, and occasional marketing. © 2002. All Rights Reserved.