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Where Is Truth Awakens Located?

We are located in Yreka, California but we not have a commercial mailing address. Therefore, you will not be able to send us gifts without contacting us first. Thank you.

Our Spam Problem

We have put a contact email address on our website in the past (the site has been around since 2002) and no matter how we tried to mask the email address, it ends up on mailing lists. We are now using a method that is sure to keep us off mailing lists and that is to not link our email address on our website. If you want to contact us, you will need to type the address above instead of clicking on an email link.

Final Thoughts from Joshua Peete

I hope you enjoy researching philosophy on my website. Articles were written over multiple years and finally published in 2002. Since then, I have enjoyed watching them spread all over the Internet and into classrooms around the world. I hope that your study of philosophy will be as enriching to your life as it has been to mine. Be sure to come back soon… Joshua Peete © 2002. All Rights Reserved.