Philosophical Works

Early Greek Philosophy
Zeno's Paradoxes
Zeno contradicts Parmenidesís notion of motion and space by creating philosophical paradoxes. These paradoxes stumped philosophers for a millennia and paved the way for new philosophical thought.
Author: Joshua J. Peete

Early Modern Philosophy
Causation According To Hume
After biting into a piece of pizza we expect an enjoyable taste. This enjoyable taste is expected because our past experiences have proven this to us. Even though we think we can predict that the pizza will act the same as our previous experiences, it may just blow up upon biting.
Author: Joshua J. Peete

Support For Fallibilist Foundationalism
The foundationalists claim that knowledge and justification for beliefs are both possible by foundational beliefs. These foundational beliefs are non-inferential and perceptual in nature.
Author: Joshua J. Peete

Euthanasia, Is It Morally Permissible?
When performing euthanasia, no matter the intentions, someone still dies. There is no moral distinction between letting die and killing someone because the actionís result is the same. If letting a person die is morally permissible then killing someone is also, and vice versa.
Author: Joshua J. Peete

Ethics Continued...
Investigating Moral Claims
Intuitionism and emotivism differ in their philosophical views yet both argue against naturalistic claims of morality.
Author: Joshua J. Peete

Philosophy of Law
Contracts & Promises
Specifically Randy Barnett, an autonomy theorist, who explains that at the moment a contract/promise is made, a transfer of entitlement occurs. This seems correct because when a person promises Z to another, the person promising already accepts the fact that the other will have Z in the future when the promise is executed.
Author: Joshua J. Peete

Philosophy of Mind
The Failure of Functionalism
The physicalist account is flawed because it fails to account for nonphysical properties like understanding how to recognize colors. Therefore, the functionalist account is flawed because it is based on the flawed theory of physicalism.
Author: Joshua J. Peete

Philosophy of Religion
An Examination Of Our Universe
Everything with a beginning has a cause. The universe had a beginning therefore the universe has a cause. If the big bang was the beginning of time and space, then the cause of the universe must have been timeless and spaceless.
Author: Joshua J. Peete © 2002. All Rights Reserved.